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Tender Notice No

Name of Work

Displayed on Last Date for sale
1 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1272/2017 Revamping of 11 kV indoor Sub-station and associated electrical work at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 27-JUN-2017 17-JUL-2017
2 IGCAR/RFG/TT&QAG/TSD/RCS/WC1 Assistance to various analytical works to maintain water chemistry at FBTR Chemical Control Laboratory 27-JUN-2017 19-JUL-2017
3 CEG/IGC/1326/2017 Supplying, installation and commissioning of pumps for Pump house over UG sump and other miscellaneous works in plot-B, DAE Nodal centre, Chennai 27-JUN-2017 03-JUL-2017
4 CEG/IGC/ 1325/2017 Construction of RCC Electrical utility duct, Storm water drain and other miscellaneous works in Plot-B, DAE Nodal centre, Chennai. 27-JUN-2017 03-AUG-2017
5 CEG/IGC/ 1324/2017 Providing RCC pedestal for domestic water line from new IGCAR gate to Edaiyur bridge at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 27-JUN-2017 21-JUL-2017
6 CEG/IGC/ 1323/2017 Supplying and fixing of filter bank fire proof doors and roof water proofing works at DFRP, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
7 CEG/IGC/ 1322/2017 Miscellaneous Civil works in Substation building, shifting and repairing of temporary security cabin in Plot- A & B and other allied works in DAE Nodal centre, Chennai
8 CEG/IGC/ 1321/2017 Providing and fixing structural steel & roofing work at SGTF, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
9 CEG/IGC/ 1320/2017 Renovation of Gents and Ladies toilets in Job shack building No.2 in IGCAR at Kalpakkam
10 CEG/IGC/ 1319/2017 Providing Garden water supply lines and other miscellaneous works in plot-B, DAE Nodal centre, Chennai
11 IGC/HE&MS/HCSPG/ND/01 Transfer of roof concrete block, various tanks, S.S. plates and scrap materials from DFRP to Thorium ware house 23-JUN-2017 03-JUL-2017
12 IGCAR/RpG/HCSPG/RPD&CD/PECS/DFRP/TR-135/2017 Supply of carbon steel plates, fabrication & welding with carbon steel plate embedments of concretewalls, supply & application of epoxy painting over carbon steel plate at Head End Cells of Demonstartion Fast Reactor Reprocessing Plant (DFRP), IGCAR Kalpakkam 23-JUN-2017 14-JUL-2017
13 IGCAR/RpG/HCSPG/RPD&CD/PECS/DFRP/TR-140/2017 Fabrication and Installation of SS piping in B84 cell for modification of airlift transfer system at Demonstration Fuel Reprocessing Plant (DFRP), IGCAR. 23-JUN-2017 07-JUL-2017
14 IGCAR/RPG/HCSPG/HE&MS/SAMPLING CELL/01/2017 Handling, marking, cutting, erection and welding of front cover plate, top cover plate, support plate, stiffener for in-cell crane erection in samplings cells  169&180 cell at DFRP 23-JUN-2017 28-JUN-2017
15 IGC/ESG/CWD/MIS/TENDER/01/2017 Machine Tool Maintenance and Inspection of Welded Components at CWD, IGCAR 22-JUN-2017 13-JUL-2017
16 IGCAR/RpG/HCSPG/RPD&CD/PECS/HEF/TR-134/2017 Handling, transportation, fabrication, installation, welding and NDE inspection of Stainless Steel liner sheets of floors and walls of Hot Cells of Head End Facility at Demonstration Fuel Reprocessing Plant (DFRP), IGCAR 22-JUN-2017 07-JUL-2017
17 CEG/IGC/1316/2017 Providing ramp with SS hand rails for physically challenged personnel in IGCAR, Kalpakkam. 22-JUN-2017 14-JUL-2017
18 CEG/IGC/1315/2017 Repairs and renovation of Aluminium door & windows, locks in various laboratory building excluding FBTR in IGCAR for the year 2017-2018.
19 CEG/IGC/1314/2017 Repairs and renovation of wooden door & windows, locks in various laboratory building excluding FBTR in IGCAR for the year 2017-2018.
20 CEG/IGC/1313/2017 Construction of Stores building, Toilet block in Airforce shelter near KKM gate at Kalpakkam.
21 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1264/2017 Installation, Testing and commissioning of 6.6kV , 11kV Substation Equipment in CACP II Substation & PDC VII Substation at IGCAR, Kalpakkam 21-JUN-2017 17-JUL-2017
22 IGCAR/FRTG/STC/ 3/ SAFETY/2017 Assistance towards Implementation of Industrial Safety Activities at the
construction Site of Sodium Technology Complex [STC -Hall-5 ], IGCAR northern site
20-JUN-2017 03-JUL-2017
23 IGC/FRTG/SGTFD/Na works/2017-18 Modification works in Sodium wetted pipelines/components in the Sodium system of Staem Generator Test Facility (SGTF) 20-JUN-2017 03-JUL-2017
24 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.37/2017 Providing polycarbonate sheet for helium plant at MSL in IGCAR at Kalpakkam 20-JUN-2017 30-JUN-2017
25 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.36/2017 Renovation of Ground Floor Toilet in Engineering Services Group Building in IGCAR at Kalpakkam
26 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.35/2017 Providing and fixing in wooden cupboards works in RML Office Rooms and other Civil Works at IGCAR in Kalpakkam
27 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.34/2017 Removing the dumped debris along the CTS patrolling road and making approach dump yard at CTS and PRP (AAD) Phase-III in IGCAR at Kalpakakm
28 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.33/2017 Renovation of Tea Pantry in RCL at IGCAR, Kalpakkam
29 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.32/2017 Laying of hume pipes, mechanical cutting of vegetation in Southern Part of IGCAR in Kalpakkam during the year 2017-18
30 IGCAR/CEG/CED/Tr.31/2017 Clearing and leveling unwanted materials, debris and other waste materials from FBTR Complex, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
31 IGCAR/FRFCF/GEN/HK/Z-002/2017 Cleaning and upkeep of the infrastructure buildings at FRFCF, IGCAR, Kalpakkam for the year of 2017-2018 16-JUN-2017 30-JUN-2017
32 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1273/2017 Annual contract for splicing and maintenance of OFC cable network at IGCAR project site for the year 2017-2018. 12-JUN-2017 23-JUN-2017
33 CEG/IGC/ 1308/2017 Construction of Shed & SS Concertina coil with barbed wire in Airforce shelter near KKM gate at Kalpakkam 24-MAY-2017 07-JUL-2017
34 CEG/IGC/ 1307/2017 Construction and modification of existing Radar ramp at West side of DAE complex in IGCAR at Kalpakkam 24-MAY-2017 07-JUL-2017
35 CEG/IGC/ 1306/2017 Formation of road in Kunnathur & Edaiyur in IGCAR at Kalpakkam. 24-MAY-2017 29-JUN-2017
36 CEG/IGC/ 1305/2017 Formation of Approach road and allied works for Parking area at new IGCAR gate, Kalpakkam
37 CEG/IGC/ 1304/2017 Maintenance of Lawn, hedges, flowers beds at IGCAR North side for the year 2017-18.
38 CEG/IGC/ 1303/2017 Maintenance of Lawn, hedges, flowers beds at IGCAR South side for the year 2017-18
39 CEG/IGC/ 1302/2017 Construction of service road for 33kv overhead line structure from 1 to 10 at IGCAR, Kalpakkam.
40 IGC/ESG/ESD/T-1256/2017 Testing and commissioning of 33 kV and 6.6 kV switchboards, internal electrification, lightning, protection and testing & commissioning of various protection schemes of 47 MVA transformer and associated works for IGCAR feeder-2 at MAPS, Kalpakkam. 24-MAY-2017 13-JUN-2017



Tender Notice No Name of Work Displayed on Last Date for sale
1 PRPD/NJ/CWI/WCO/K-1895/2017 Cold Insulation of Chilled Water Lines as per Technical Specification at PRP Site, Kalpakkam 27-JUN-2017 10-JUL-2017
2 BARCF/KNRPC/CI/TR/ 6/2017 Construction of Auditorium and Miscellaneous works for NRB in service building at BARCF, Kalpakkam. 27-JUN-2017 10-JUL-2017
3 BARCF/KNRPC/CI/TR/7/2017 Annual civil Maintenance works for 2017-18 in KNRPC area at kalpakkam. 19-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2017
4 BARCF/AUGF/EI/TR/3/2017 Annual Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical Laboratory and Instrument Systems at AUGF for 2017-18, Kalpakkam 16-JUN-2017 07-JUL-2017
5 BARCF/NRB/ADMN(G)/OS/01/2017 Providing office assistance in various divisions of Nuclear Recycle Board, BARC Facilities, Kalpakkam 16-JUN-2017 03-JUL-2017
6 BARCF/KARP/OP/TR/2/2017 Radioactive solid waste handling and transportation of chemicals in KARP 16-JUN-2017 10-JUL-2017
7 BARCF/KNRPC/ME/TR/08/2017 Dismantling of Temporary civil structure in WIP, P-3A and KARP premises 15-JUN-2017 23-JUN-2017
8 CWMF/80.02/CIVIL/TR-04/2017 Miscellaneous civil works around NSDF and other areas in CWMF complex for the year 2017-2018 13-JUN-2017 23-JUN-2017
9 BARCF/KNRPC/QA/TR/1/2017 Inspection of Piping and Mechanical works for UOF & VWSF Projects at KNRPC site, Kalpakkam 12-JUN-2017 30-JUN-2017
10 BARCF/KNRPC/ME/TR/7/2017 Construction of Cooling Tower building at KNRPC site kalpakkam. 12-JUN-2017 22-JUN-2017
11 BARCF/P3A/OP/TS/4/2017 Housekeeping of inactive areas in various buildings at P3A- KNRPC site-NRB-BARCF ,Kalpakkam. 12-JUN-2017 26-JUN-2017





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Tender Notice No Name of Work Displayed on Last Date for sale

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