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1. Development of morphological and wavelet based methods for feature extraction from thermal images
   Dr. Baldev Raj,
   Director, IGCAR

2. Fabrication of dummy fuel sub assemblies(DFSA) for core mechanics experiments
   Shri A. S. L. Kameswara Rao,
   Central Workshop Division, Engineering Services Group

3. Image processing for quality assurance of sheathed thermocouples
   Dr. B. Venkatraman,
   Quality Assurance Division, Engineering Services Group

4. Development of novel combination of immersion technique and time of flight
   diffraction for examination of weldments with thicknesses less than 6mm and its
   applications to evaluation of Hexcan welds of thickness 3mm
   Dr. B. Venkatraman and Shri R. Subbaratnam,
   Quality Assurance Division, Engineering Services Group