Dr. A.K.Bhaduri
Director, IGCAR
Phone: +91-44-27480267

Office of Director, IGCAR
Phone: +91-44-27480267
Fax:      +91-44-27480060


Group Directors Group E-Mail Address P&T Phone
Dr. G. AMARENDRA Materials Science Group amar<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480069
Dr. A.K. BHADURI Metallurgy & Materials Group bhaduri<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480118
Reprocessing Group 27480061
Chemistry Group 27480229
K. MADHUSOODANAN Electronics & Instrumentation Group madhu<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480120
A. JYOTHISH KUMAR Engineering Services Group jyothish<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480112
P. PUTHIYAVINAYAGAM Reactor Design Group vinayaga<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480221
Dr. A. RAVISHANKAR [PD] Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Facility aravish<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480099
P. SELVARAJ Fast Reactor Technology Group pselva<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480083
[Station Director]
Reactor Facilities kvsuresh<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480358
Dr. B. VENKATARAMAN Health, Safety & Environment Group bvenkat<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480071

Associate Directors

Associate Directors Group E-Mail Address P&T Phone
B.M. ANANDARAO Hot cell Systems and Project Group bmarao<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480099
Design & Field Engineering
B. ANANTHAPADMANABAN Quality Assurance bap<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480071
[Project Manager]
Demonstration Facility for Metallic Fuel Fabrication sas<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480098
B. HARI KRISHNAN Civil Engineering Group hari<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in  
Dr. M. JOSEPH Fuel Chemistry Group mj<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480098
Dr. U. KAMACHI MUDALI Corrosion Science & Technology Group kamachi<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480121
Materials, Process and Equipment Development Group
Dr. M. SAI BABA Resources Management Group msb<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480281
Dr. R SRIDHARAN Materials Chemistry Group rsn<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480098
Ms. S. USHA Power Plant Group ushas<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480178
S. VARATHARAJAN Technical & Training Group svr<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480119

Division Heads

Division Heads Division E-Mail Address P&T Phone
B. ANANTHAPADMANABAN Quality Assurance Division bap<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480071
A. BABU Reactor Maintenance Division abb<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480091
B. BABU Instrumentation Development and Services Division bbabu<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480091
V. BALA SUBRAMANIYAN Reactor Components Systems Division bala<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480070
Dr. R. BASKARAN Radiological Safety Division bvenkat<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480119
C. CHANDRAN Air Conditioning & Ventilation System Division chand<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480072
Dr. K. DEVAN Reactor Neutronics Division devan<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480088
B. HARIKRISHNAN Contracts & Major Works Division hari<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in  
T. JAYANTHI Real Time Systems Division madhu<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in  
R. JEHADEESAN Computer Division madhu<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480210
A. JOHN ARUL Reactor Shielding & Data Division arul<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480087
JOJO JOSEPH Post irradiation Examination Division jojo<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480122
Dr. M. JOSEPH Fuel Chemistry Division mj<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480098
N. KASINATHAN Reactor Analysis Division nkasi<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480309
G. KEMPULRAJ Central Workshop Division kempul<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480072
K.P. KESAVAN NAIR Electrical Services Division kpknair<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480112
B. KRISHNAMURTHY Reprocessing Maintenance Division vvijay<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480124
Dr. K. LAHA Mechanical Metallurgy Division laha<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in  
Dr. C. MALLIKA Reprocessing Research & Development Division mallika<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480099
Corrosion Science & Technology Division  
E. MOHANDAS Materials Synthesis and Structural Characterization Division mohandas<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480202
Dr. S. MURUGAN Remote Handling, Irradiation Experiments and Robotics Division murugan<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480107
B.K. NASHINE Device Development & Rig Services Division bknash<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480311
Safety Engineering Division 27480309
I.B. NOUSHAD Steam Generator Test Facility noushad<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480152
G. PADMAKUMAR Sodium Experiments & Hydraulics Division gpk<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480086
Chemical Technology Division
Dr. B.K. PANIGRAHI Materials Physics Division bkp<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480014
G. PRABHAKARA RAO Security and Innovative Sensors Division prg<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in  
V. PRAKASH Vibration Diagnostic Division prakash<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480086
Dr. B. PURNA CHANDRA RAO Non-Destructive Evaluation Division bpcrao<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480232
S. RAGHUPATHY Components Handling & Mechanism Division rags<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480012
K. RAJAN Fuel Reprocessing Process Division krajan<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480099
Reprocessing Plant Design Division
R.R. RAMANARAYANAN Chemicals Facilities Division rrr<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480098
Dr. M. SAI BABA Scientific Information Resource Division msb<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480115
Strategic Planning & Human Resources Development Division
Dr. SAROJA SAI BABA Microscopy & Thermo-Physical Property Division saroja<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480202
Dr. K.K. SATPATHY Environmental & Safety Division satpathy<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480309
Dr. SHAJU K. ALBERT Materials Technology Division shaju<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480107
G. SHANMUGAM Reactor Operation Division gshan<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480351
Dr. R. SRIDHARAN Materials Chemistry Division rsn<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480098
H.R. SRIDHARA Architecture & Structural Engineering Division hrs<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27495209
C. SUDHAKAR Budget & Procurement Division sudhakar<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480114
N. SURESH Civil Engineering Division nsuresh<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in  
  Condensed Matter Physics Division   27480015
N. THEIVARAJAN Power Plant Control Division theiva<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480102
Dr. D. THIRUGNANAMURTHY Electronics & Instrumentation Division dtm<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480082
Dr. A.K. TYAGI Surface & Nanoscience Division akt<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480347
S. VARATHARAJAN Technical Services Division svr<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480119
Dr. K. VELUSAMY Mechanics & Hydraulics Division kvelu<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480106
A. VENKATESAN Instrumentation Control Division madhu<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480231

Administration and Accounts  

A.K. VIKRAMAN NAIR Director (P&A) diradmn<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480066
M. RAJU IFA ifa<at>igcar<dot>gov<dot>in 27480359

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