&& 1. Sodium Cooled Fast reactors
&& 2. Fuel Cycle
&& 3. Advanced Heavy Water Reactor
&& 4. Radioactive Waste Management
&& 5. Supercritical Reactor Systems
&& 6. Beam Technology Development at BARC
&& 7. Wavelet Analysis in Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection
&& 8. Accelerator Science and Technology Perspective in India
&& 9. Laser and Photonics
& 10. Particle Accelerator Field
& 11. GENE (Gyrokinetic Electromagnetic Numerical Experiment

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Aided institutions and R&D Centers of the DAE carry out frontline research on topics related to its mandate and the young scholars working for Ph.D. in the units of the DAE provide a very good support to the research programmes. By making aware of the immense possibilities for research that exist in the DAE, bright and motivated students can be enthused to pursue research to take up the challenging problems. A panel was formed under the Chairmanship of Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, IGCAR to work out the mechanism for identifying gap areas in the knowledge domains to deliver mission programmes of the Department (reference DAE/DSPG/2009/39). The panel was given the mandate to decide the modalities of working and keep identifying gap areas and eminent faculty members from various institutions on a continuous basis.

Summarizing the discussions held by the committee, Dr. Baldev Raj observed that available expertise of the various institutions of the Department has led to putting forward a number of research topics that need to be pursued. The discussions have also resulted in identifying the GAP areas for R&D to be taken up. It has helped to recognize the linkages for taking up a number of problems.
The number of projects indentified by the members hailing from various institutions with brief abstract & contact person are given in the compilation of projects.