8. Accelerator Science and Technology Perspective in India (Dr. R K Bhandari, VECC)

8.1 Generation and transport of space charge dominated beams for high current accelerators
8.2 Acceleration of space charge dominated beams in the low energy accelerators
8.3 Injection and acceleration of high current beams in cyclotrons – low energy, medium energy, high energy
8.4 Beam injection and matching from one accelerator to the other
8.5 Injection and acceleration of intense beams in the linear accelerator systems and study of matching between various types of accelerators
8.6 Development of beam instrumentation – destructive as well as non-destructive
8.7 Design of high power RF systems for cyclotrons: RF-beam interactions
8.8 Design of high power RF Systems for linear accelerators: RF beam interactions
8.9 Studies on beam-vacuum interactions
8.10 Studies on the electromagnetic interferences in the context of accelerator control
8.11 Reliability studies on various accelerator systems for high power beams
8.12 Effects of intense radiation on accelerator components and systems
8.13 Studies on the beam dumps/stoppers for high power beams
8.14 Studies on development of high power, cw klystrons, power tubes
8.15 Applications of accelerators for healthcare etc
8.16 Intense beams for basic and applied research
8.17 New acceleration techniques
8.18 Superconductivity and cryogenics for accelerators


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