5. Supercritical Reactor Systems (Dr. K Anantharaman / Shri. R K Sinha, BARC)
5.1 Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Supercritical Fluids
5.2 Steady State and Stability Characteristics of Supercritical Systems
5.3 Techniques to avoid thermal stratification in large pools with immersed heat exchangers
5.4 Finite Element, Modal Testing and Modal Analysis of Turbine Blade
5.5 Experimental and Analytical studies towards Development of Tubular Linear Electro-magnetic Pump for Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Circulation
5.6 Investigation on Premature Occurrence of Critical Heat Flux under Oscillatory Flow and Power Conditions
5.7 Physics of steam explosion
5.8 Numerical simulation of multi-dimensional multi-phase flow
5.9 Coupled 3-D neutronics thermal hydraulic stability analysis of a natural circulation multi channel type BWR
5.10 Study of gravity driven Steam Water Separation
5.11 Effect of non-condensable gas on condensation of steam with finned tube and various orientation of bare tube
5.12 Thermal hydraulic studies in a natural circulation of heavy liquid metal loop
5.13 Simulations of physics systems relevant to needed developments for Advanced Reactor Applications
5.14 Low energy (less than 4eV) scattering of neutrons by solids, liquids and molecules
5.15 Numerical methods in neutron transport and multigroup and resonance shielding treatment for treatment of neutron physics...
5.16 Neutron Physics studies of experimental criticality benchmarks for thorium utilization
5.17 Basic nuclear data physics studies using nuclear models and cross section measurements and analysis in Indian facilities
5.18 Nuclear data physics studies of Photo-fission experiments, delayed neutron physics and assaying of fissile materials
5.19 Analysis of resonance cross section measurements and Neutron Time of flight experiments
5.20 Radio-toxicity predictions for AHWR, CHTR, PHWR, PWRs etc.

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