Electronics, Instrumentation and Radiological Safety Group

Electronics, Instrumentation and Radiological Safety Group consists of Electronics & Instrumentation Group and Radiological Safety & Environmental Group.
The major activities of the group are

    The Electronics, Instrumentation and Radiological Safety Group is actively involved in the development of Instrumentation & Control for the 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor. Towards this the I&C systems are designed with safety and availability of the reactor as the guiding requirements through redundant systems and also keeping in mind the simplicity of design and maintainability. A judicious combination of hardwired and computer based I&C systems, state-of-the-art design, manufacturing processes and testing were employed in the design of I&C systems. The systems developed include safety critical, safety related and non safety I&C systems. The Prototype systems were qualified after rigorous environmental, EMI/EMC and seismic testing. The application software developed was subjected to thorough Verification & Validation procedures.
    The Group is also developing a full scope replica type Operator Training Simulator for PFBR. An advanced visualization centre was established and various PFBR systems are modeled for visualization in 3D and walkthrough. R&D activities in the areas of innovative instrumentation using pulsating sensors, Wireless Sensor Networks for use in future reactors, computational intelligence, knowledge management etc. are in progress. State-of-the art computational facilities with a total processing power of about 30 tera FLOPS and data communication facilities are being provided. To take care of the security challenges the security electronics systems are constantly deployed and upgraded
    The Group is also responsible for providing quality assurance/quality control services for all the major projects being undertaken by IGCAR through the ISO 9001-2008 certified Quality Assurance Division. The Radiological Safety Division of the Group is responsible for R&D activities in the areas of radioactivity transport and improving the radiation detection and measurements through advanced techniques. This Division provides health physics and radiation safety services for the radioactive facilities in IGCAR. Environmental and Industrial Safety Division provides industrial safety services to all the facilities at IGCAR. This Division also carries out R&D in the domain of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and sediment characterization. The Group organizes public awareness programs on radiation safety and nuclear energy in addition to training and awareness programs on industrial, radiation and fire safety to occupational workers.

Electronics, Instrumentation & Radiological Safety Group

The Group is Steered by
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Electronics, Instrumentation & Radiological Safety Group

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