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Severe Accident Assessment for PFBR: Designer's Perspective   Shri. S.C.Chetal and Dr. P.Chellapandi     Downloaded By: 1625
Safety Adequacy of Indian Fast breeder Reactor   Dr. Baldev Raj and Shri. Prabhat kumar     Downloaded By: 1448
Women in science:A compelling essentiality for robust sustainable society-Abstract - XI-All india meeting of women in science ethical issues-science and technology,28-30,Jan,2011,Mumbai.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1421
Women in science:A compelling essentiality for robust sustainable society - XI-All india meeting of women in science ethical issues-science and technology,28-30,Jan,2011,Mumbai.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1333
Fun of doing science:Make earth a better planet - Popular lecture delivered at chennai science festival 2011, Chennai - Jan 30,2011.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1538
Sodium cooled fast reactor with closed fuel cycle: Challenges and opportunities to realise mega sustainable energy system - Confernce on Advances in Nuclear Technology - Dec 2-3,2010, Mumbai.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1419
Pursuit of Innovations for Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor:Indian Approach - SAGNE Meeting, IAEA, Vienna - Oct 19-22,2010.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1323
Saga of NDE Science and Technology at IGCAR, Kalpakkam - Presented to Academia NDT International Moscow 7-10 June 2010 Co-inciding with 10th European Conference on NDT.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1382
Challenges and opportunities in Nuclear Energy - 12th Technology Day Lecture, National Aluminium Co.Ltd., Bhubaneswar,11th May 2010.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1177
Approaches to development of steels and manufacturing technologies for fusion reactors - Manuscript of the paper presented during 29th Riso International Symposium on Energy Metals-Advances in characterisation, modelling and application, Roskilde, Denmark,September 1-5,2008.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1182
Structural Materials: New Challenges, Manufacturing and Performance - Manuscript of the paper presented during the International conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles Challenges and Opportunities(FR-09),Kyoto,Japan,December 7-11,2009.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1605
Homi Bhabha National Institute - IGCAR - Presentation made during the UGC Review meeting held at BARC,Mumbai on January 12,2010.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1198
Bringing Equity with Neighbourhood: Our approach - Keynote talk delivered during the Millennium Development Goals Conference held at RMK Engineering college, Kavaraipettai on December 27,2009.Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1274
Life Time Achievement Award Lecture 2009 - Delivered during the Annual Convention of Indian National Academy of Engineering, Kalpakkam during December 17-18,2009.Dr. R Chidambaram     Downloaded By: 1130
Structural Materials: New Challenges, Manufacturing and Performance - Keynote lecture delivered during the International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles - Challenges and Oppurtunities - December 7-11,2009,Kyoto,Japan. Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1186
Energy Security Technologies - Challenges and Opportunities - Inaugural talk on the occasion of 7th national conference on 'Engineering Profession - Vision 2020' organized by Engineering Council of India, New Delhi, November 30, 2009. Dr. Baldev Raj and M.Vasudevan     Downloaded By: 1113
Message for Souvenir on Science Fair 09 - State Level Science Fair 09-12 November 2009, Organised by Organisation of Muslim Educational Institutions and Associations of Tamilnadu (OMEIAT). Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1217
Public Acceptance of Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Cycle Systems:The Indian Experience - SAGNE, Vienna, 28-10-2009. Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1390
India on Rise:Challenges and Opportunities - Delivered XXIII Convocation Address at SASTRA University Tanjavur,10-10-2009. Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1315
Doctor Of Science - Dr. Baldev Raj conferred D.Sc. by SASTRA University Tanjavur during silver jubilee year on 10-10-2009 Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1250
Science and Technology of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors and Associated Fuel Cycles - DAE Raja Ramanna Lecture in Physics, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, October 9, 2009. Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1457
JSPS Fellowship for Research in Japan - JSPS Report Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1537
Perspectives in School Education - Lecture delivered at National Conference on Perspectives in School Education, Atomic Energy Education society, Mumbai, June 11-14, 2009 Dr. Baldev Raj and Dr. M.Sai Baba     Downloaded By: 1305
Current Status and Future Plan of Fast Reactor Development in INDIA - Lecture delivered at OARAI R&D Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan - May 21,2009 Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1359
Current Status and Future Plan of Fast Reactor Development in INDIA:Emphasis on Materials Science & Technology - Lecture Delivered at National Institute of Materials Science(NIMS), Tsukuab, Japan Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1354
Series of lecture delivered at Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan under the auspices of Japan Society for Promotion of Science Senior Visiting fellowship Dr. Baldev Raj
  • Lecture-1 - Stainless Steels     Downloaded By: 2114
  • Lecture-2 - Nuclear Materials     Downloaded By: 1854
  • Lecture-3 - Non Destructive Evaluation     Downloaded By: 1780
  • Lecture-4 - Super Alloys     Downloaded By: 1471
R&D for Ensuring Safety in Sodium Fast Reactors and Associated Fuel Cycle Facilities -Theme meeting on "Emerging issues in Regulation of Nuclear Facilities ", Safety Research Institute, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, 20 February 2009 Kalpakkam Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1316
A Perspective on Fuels for Indian Fast Breeder Programme -Pleanary Talk during International Conference on "Characterization and Quality Control of Nuclear Fuels (CQCNF-2009)" February 18-20, 2009 Hyderabad, India Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1516
Studies on sounds from musical pillars of mahamandapam of Vitthala Temple at Hampi - Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Hampi Region Conference and Workshop, January 16-18, 2009 by C.Baburao, T.Jayakumar & Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1267
Science and Technology of Fast Breeder Reactor Programme in India:Challenges and Achievements - Prof. Jai Krishna Memorial Award 2008,Annual Convention of INAE,December 5-6,2008, Goa by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1358
Current Status and Future Directions:Role of NDE in Enhancing Economics and Safety of Nuclear Energy as a Sustainable Option - Quality Month Celebration, Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad November 27,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1183
Evolving Indian Nuclear Programme - Rationale and Perspective - Public lecture at Indian Academy of Science,Bangalore, July 04,2008 by Anil Kakodkar     Downloaded By: 1201
Ethics,Equity and Energy - Joint Indo-Belgium Seminar on "Nuclear Research towards Sustainable Development", Chennai, November 11,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj and U.Kamachi Mudali     Downloaded By: 1206
Corrosion management strategies and success in Fast Breeder Reactor Programme - Keynote lecture at IWCEM - 2008, Nov. 7,2008,DIAT,Pune,NACE India section by Dr. Baldev Raj and U.Kamachi Mudali     Downloaded By: 1228
Working group on research and education Objectives, Status and Recommendations by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1095
Ethics, Equity and Energy - Presentation to Academia NDT International Shanghai, China, October 26,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1228
Current Status and Future Directions: Role of NDE in enhancing economics and safety of nuclear energy as a sustainable option - Plenary talk - 17th world conference on NDT, Shanghai China, October 25,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1325
Expressions of Mind - Guest Lecture delivered at the Music Academy, Chennai during the HCL Concert Series, September 19, 2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1417
Reactor Physics and Safety Aspects of Fast Neutron Reactors with Associated Closed Fuel Cycle - International Conference on the Physics of Reactors (PHYSOR'08) Casino-Kursaal Conference Center, Interlaken,Switzerland, September 14-19, 2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj and Dr. P.Mohanakrishnan     Downloaded By: 1365
A step forward in Human Resources Development - Graduation Function of BARC Training School - IGCAR Campus, August 30th, 2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1529
Science and Technology of Fast Breeder Reactors:An indian success story - 24th Brahm Prakash Lecture, Indian Institue of Metals, Bangalore, August 21st, 2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1476
Assessment of Flaws in Fast Breeder Reactor Components based on Numerical, Experimental and NDE Techniques - Invited talk delivered during IQICF 2008, Bangalore August 4, 2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj, P.Chellapandi & B.P.C Rao     Downloaded By: 1154
A Few Thoughts on Energy by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1252
Role of IT-Enabled Knowledge Management in Growth of India:Inaugural Address of SANGHOSTHI-2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1194
God and I by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1389
R&D Facilities for the Development of Nuclear Energy in India - Plenary talk delivered at the International Conference on nuclear fule cycles for a sustainable future (Atalante 2008),France,May 2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1240
India's fast reactor program in the context of environment sustainability by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1316
A few thoughts by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1174
The role of artificial intelligence in non-destructive testing and evaluation by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1073
NDE for Realising Better Quality of Life in the Context of India - An Emerging Economy - Plenary talk presented at the 15th World Conference on NDT (ROMA 2000) by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1261
Course on Mega Energy Technology delivered at the Grate Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai by Dr. Baldev Raj
Intensive course delivered at Tel Aviv University, Israel under the auspices of Gordon Energy Research Centre Fellowship by Dr. Baldev Raj
Theme address delivered during the Theme Meeting on Structure and Thermodynamics of emerging materials(STEM 2008) - Convention Centre, Anupuram, April 17&18,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1157
A few nuggets in Knowledge Management by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1225
A few nuggets related to energy security and sustainability by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1174
Convocation Address : Sathyabama University, Chennai - Convocation address delivered at Sathyabama University, Chennai on April 19,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1230
Information Assurance in 21st Century : Making it happen - Keynote address at 4th Indo Australian conference on IT security, March 27-28,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 640
Indo-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Nanotechnology Initiative - Talk at 3rd International Dialogue on Responsible R&D of Nanotechnology, Brussels, Belgium, March 11,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1318
A Perspective on Engineering Manufacturing- INAE-DAE International Conference on Advances in Manufacturing Technology (ICAMT-2008) For Young Engineers, IITM,Chennai Feb,6-8,2008 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1509
Energy Options to Mitigate Climate Change by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1495
Energy Options to Mitigate Climate Change - Manuscript Revision 3: 15.07.2009    Downloaded By: 1194
Soft Computing in Materials Science and Engineering-Inaugural address delivered by Dr.Baldev Raj during the international conference on "Artificial Neural Network and Genetic algorithm in Materials Science and Engineering" on January 9,2008, Kolkatta, organized by centre of excellence on soft computing in Materials Science and Engineering and school of Materials Science and Engineering, Bangal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, Howrah. by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1505
Building on Knowledge Base of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors to develop Materials Technology for Fusion Reactors-Plenary talk delivered during 13th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials,Nice,France December 10-14,2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1681
Research and Applications of Acoustics:Materials-Engineering-Health care-Culture-National seminar on Acoustics KS Rangasamy College of Technology,Tiruchengode December 5, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1571
(keynote address delivered during the National seminar on acoustics (NSA-2007) at KS Rangasamy College of Technology,Tiruchengode. Dr.Baldev Raj received Stanley Ehrillich Gold Medal on December 5, 2007 on the occassion from Prof.Stanley Ehrillich,Past-President Acoustic Society of America.Madras India Regional Chapter of Acoustical Society of America(MIRC-ASA) and American Society of Acoustics(ASA) give this award.Dr.Baldev Raj is being recognised for his work in acoustics ranging from fundamentals of acoustics, materials science and technology, applications to structural integrity of engineering components, characterization of Delhi Iron Pillar and Musical Pillars of Hampi.He has also contributed to the education in acoustics.He is co-author of the book on " Ultrasonic Science & Technology ",an International resources book and three other books on acoustics.)
Innovations in Nondestructive Evaluation Science and Technology-Invited talk TelAviv University Israel Nov,2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1543
Innovations in Nondestructive Evaluation Science and Technology-AK Rao Memorial Talk NDE2007, Vadodara by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1139
Science and Technology challenges in india:Academy,research & industry collaborations- Talk at Tata Steel,jamshdepur-September 12,2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1250
Prof. A.K.Seal Memorial Lecture (PPT)- Indian Institute of Metals, Kolkata, July 31,2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1149
Prof. A.K.Seal Memorial Lecture- Indian Institute of Metals, Kolkata, July 31,2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1254
Status of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors with Closed Fuel Cycle in INDIA- Director's Colloquia , Los Alamos National Laboratory , USA July 10,2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 2120
Emerging Trends in Knowledge Based Design of Nuclear Materials- Diamond Jubilee Symposium on Advances in Materials Engineering 4-6 July, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1253
Knowledge Management in a Nuclear Research Centre - International Conference on Knowledge Management in Nuclear Facilities Vienna,Austria 18-21 June 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1141
Marvels of Indian Bronze - Gods come alive - Institute for South Asia, Tibet and Buddhism of Vienna University , Austria June 15, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1843
Status of  Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors with Closed Fuel Cycle in India - ICAPP-2007 Conference, NICE, Paris – May 16, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 270

A Perspective on FBR Programme in India - Second IIT-EU Alumni Conference, Paris,France May 11, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj    Downloaded By: 1134
An Overview of Materials Technology at IGCAR - Institut de Soudure, May 10, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj      Downloaded By: 1977

History of Metallurgy in India by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1220

Sustainable Development and Closed Fuel Cycle - An overview - SAGNE Meeting, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria - April 18 - 20, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj    Downloaded By: 1966
Nuclear Energy Programme of India Vision and Challenges- Bharat Ratna C Subramaniam Endowment Lecture , University of Madras, Chennai - 29, March 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj    Downloaded By: 2251
Science and Technology of Sensors Relevant to Fast Breeder Reactors and Reprocessing Technologies - Keynote Lecture delivered during Inaugural Function of 12th National Seminar on Physics and Technology of Sensors (NSPTS-12), March 7-9, 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1325
Human Resource Development and Knowledge Management for Mission Oriented High Technology  Achievements - INAE International Conference on Engineering Education, Chennai - 1-2 March 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1129
A Perspective on Materials Science and Technology Programme at IGCAR Kalpakkam - CEA, France - 22nd January 2007 by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 2011
Acoustic Techniques for Materials Research, Characterization and Performance- Stanley Ehrilich Gold Medal Lecture at Chennai by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1158
Materials Development and Related Issues in Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle with Fast Breeder Reactors - Advanced Nuclear Materials Conference lecture at Mumbai by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1057
Frontiers of Research in NDE APCNDT lectures at New Zealand byDr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1859
Failure Prevention and Life Management in Nuclear Plants -  National Conference on Failure Analysis, Hyderabad by Dr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1979
Advances in Modeling and Monitoring in Metal Forming and Welding Processes - International Symposium for Research Scholars, Chennai (ISRS-2006) byDr. Baldev Raj     Downloaded By: 1962
Director talks to the editorial board of in-house Trilingual Magazine - Triveni    Downloaded By: 1357
A Perspective on Science and Technology of Fast Breeder Reactors - byDr. Baldev Raj    Downloaded By: 585
  Power point presentation of Manuscript    Downloaded By: 2242
Presidential Address - 2005 at 43 rd National Metallurgists' Day, Chennai
Energy security for India - A challenge to Materials Scientists and Technologists
byDr. Baldev Raj    Downloaded By: 1165
Prof. Brahm Prakash Memorial Lecture - 2005
Pursuit of Science - the Fascinations and Excitements of a materials Scientist by
Dr. Baldev Raj    Downloaded By: 1129
BARC Training School lectures on Metallurgy and Material Science by Dr. Baldev Raj

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